Exterior Painting

You can make a style statement while weatherproofing your Christchurch home. You shouldn’t have to choose between the two.

Exterior Painting

We can paint your home. It’s as simple as that. With over three decades’ painting and decorating experience across Christchurch, we’ve painted everything from brick, plaster, weatherboard, roofs, right down to decks and pergolas.

Competitive Painters are your one-stop exterior painting shop in Christchurch. Our expertise means we can prepare and paint your home quickly and with quality, so you can enjoy a look that lasts.

Quality Colour

Choosing your colour scheme can be a big decision. Do you have timber or aluminium window frames? Do you want to stand out on your street or match the style of the surrounding homes? Does your house have a tile or Colorsteel roof? All these factors need to be considered before picking out paint.

We can work with your builder or designer to choose or match paints for you, or we can recommend a range of matching colour schemes for you to consider. At the end of the day, we want you to enjoy looking at your home as much as living in it.


Plastering and Preparation

A high-quality paint finish relies on the preparation. That’s the difference between your exterior paint job lasting for just one year, or five.

Our team are experienced with all manner of stopping, plastering and preparation techniques to make sure your home looks fantastic for years to come.

We’ll let you know if weatherboards need replacing, and can take care of it before we begin painting. It’s all part of our competitive service.


Weatherproofing Your Home

Christchurch can experience four seasons in one day, let alone the harsh weather conditions the outside of your house faces over the course of a year.

From hot, blustery Canterbury Nor’Westerly winds in summer, to harsh winter hail and frosts, your home weathers it all.

A quality exterior paint job will protect your home against the elements, safeguarding your biggest investment while keeping your family dry.

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Take the first step towards protecting your Christchurch home with a bit of polish. For a free, in-home quote and consultation on your exterior painting project, contact the team at Competitive Painters on 03 381 0770.

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